Kim Taeyeon

my bias, Kim Taeyeon........aaaaaaaaaawawawwuhuhh and everything have Taeyeon...........raaaaawwwwwwwwgggggggg



Taeyeon know how to attract tiffany

It’s pink chiffany.

Taeyeon buys I want to see you half nakedclothes for Tiffany

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Kim Taeyeon’s life under Tiffany Hwang 1/2:

• Voice over
• Prince’ s Nanny
• Photographer
• Driver
• Voice coach
• Avid Listener


Kim Taeyeon’s life under Tiffany Hwang 2/2

• Echo
• Adlib Partner
• Dorky Partner
• Selca Partner
• Human Heater
• Water Girl
• SONE (chant-er) for Tiffany

Feel the TaeTiSeo’s playlist

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Story of Kim Family Shopping~

  • Taeyeon appa waiting for Fany umma and Seobaby
  • Fany umma shopping her hearts out
  • Seobaby asking for Fany umma’s approval of fashion

The End.

TaeNy : One shot one kill

i love the way they look at each other firstly…..poor maknae!!^^

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when the maknae gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle


Even if she doesn’t know it, her most beautiful eye smiles only appear for the ones she love the deepest and longest



When Taeyeon’s laugh:

Without Tiffany on herside: she either leans forward or backward..she didn’t lean to others.

With Tiffany on herside: Damn’ she laugh with her whole body’ it’s like it’s shakin’ and it needs someone to hold her. ^_^

and that is skinship?.. Lol ^_^

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